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How to Know it’s Time to Call a Hot Water Repairman in Dubai

People run into a lot of stress in their homes. These can appear in many forms. One of the most common comes from broken-down appliances. And what’s more stressful than hoping for a hot shower and finding only cold water. Of course, we have all heard about the health benefits of cold showers.
But have you ever tried to wash dishes in cold water? Or how about bathing children and washing your hands. Hot water makes life more comfortable. Even if you choose not to use it for a shower, it’s nice to know it is there for you. You can keep your stress levels lower. Keep reading to learn when you need to call a water heater repairman.

Check Your Energy Bills

Whether you pay your energy bills month to month or on a budgeted plan, keep track of them. One common sign of water heater problems is a sudden increase in the electric or gas bill. 

Unexplained increases in energy usage should be investigated. Don’t stop at comparing to previous months. Look back to a year before and even two years before.  If you expected your energy use to fall but 25 units but it fell by 10 instead, check those heaters. Maybe it needs to be flushed, or the problems are bigger. The heating unit may need to be replaced or the inside could be full of scale and sediment. It’s hard to tell what the fix is, but you will want to pay attention.

Know Your Heater Well

Do you know what the space around your water heater looks like? If not, how can you tell when something is wrong.

Does water collect near it on a regular basis?
In most cases, the answer should be no. Water sitting near the heater often points to a big problem.  And if the water is leaking out of the heater, your problems will grow very fast. Even in a basement with good drainage, you now have water threatening to make problems. If it is on a standard floor, mold, mildew and bad smells follow leaks.
Even if no other problems arise, you will be wasting energy heating water which leaks out. That extra cost builds up as your satisfaction with your hot water wanes.

Or do you know how loud your heater is?
Unless you have spent time working near it, you may have no idea. Excess noise coming from a unit indicates an issue arising.
Most heaters run with little noise until they develop problems. And mineral deposits compose many of those problems. Hard water sediment reduces the effectiveness of the heating element.

From that, the heating bill goes up or at least doesn’t fall as it should.

But those mineral deposits also make heaters loud. Do you hear popping or pinging or a sound of tapping on the inside of the unit? If so, get a reputable plumbing service provider on the phone to ask for hot water repairman.
Remember, it is almost always cheaper to repair a problem if you catch it early. If you wait, that price and your stress will rise fast.
As a final note, do you know the age of your water heater? This may seem like a silly question, but few people can say when it was installed.

Like other appliances, water heaters have a lifespan. Know when yours was installed so you know when it may need replacement.

Look, Taste and Smell

Most of us know how our water tastes and smells. Use these two senses most when you are trying to determine if there is a problem.

Water can start to smell and taste wrong if the heater isn’t able to get it up to the proper temperature. This can lead to foreign bodies growing in your water. And with them, comes a smell that is wrong. 

You may not notice it when inhaling deeply. However, you might smell it for just a moment or two at a time. Pay attention when you first turn on the shower or sink.

“This is when those smells can be the strongest”.

Also, use other senses.
Do you see particles in the bottom of pans or glasses?

They can settle out slowly and collect at the bottom of a glass. And pay special attention to taste. A visitor in your house may notice things you are used to. Taste, for water, is a huge indication of problems in the heater.  If you or someone else detect a metallic taste, water heater corrosion might be the cause. You will need to repair it before it fails.

hot water repairman

A Professional Plumber Knows the Signs

When problems arise, you may not know how to fix them. That’s ok. Since you aren’t the professional, you don’t have to know the reason for each problem. But hot water repairmen know how water should look, taste and smell. Plus, they know how to track down the root causes of the problems you experience. To make life easier, keep track of past service. 

It isn’t hard to make notes on your heater when things are done to it. Date flushes and all other repairs. Flush your heater at least once a year, if not twice. 

Also, write down when it was done. No one benefits if your records are neither current nor accurate. Because most repairmen charge heavy fees by the hour,  limit the time they spend searching. 

Your records save them time and save you money. 

Hot Water When You Want It

We all like our appliances to work as they should when we go to use them. And problems cause stress for us and our families.  To avoid major problems, look for warning signs early. Catching small problems prevents them from growing into much bigger ones. 

And a hot water repairman will help keep you healthy too. You drink water on a daily basis, and you want what you drink to be the highest possible quality. For more information, get in touch with us here

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