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6 Innovative Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

small bathroom renovation ideas

Do you have a tiny bathroom that you want to renovate? We aren’t all blessed with an abundance of space for our restrooms, even if we’re able to completely remodel them. 
So how do you make the best of the space that you were given? You don’t need a giant bathroom for it to be a good bathroom. We have a few small bathroom renovation ideas that will make you fall in love with your space.
Need some inspiration? Keep reading for a few of our favorite bathroom renovation ideas for 2021 so you can start working with your local maintenance services provider for renovation services today.

1. Improve Your Storage Space

Self storage is always a huge problem when it comes to small bathrooms. There are so many things that you need to keep on hand or nearby but so few places to put them. Things end up in a nearby closet or shoved into one of the few drawers that you have available to you.

When you’re remodeling, you have options. You don’t need an abundance of space to have enough storage for your things. 

While it would be best if you could open up a wall to add a nice, big closet, there are other ways to increase your storage space without giving up any utility. 

Consider extra shelving. Shelves can go underneath the counter, on the walls, or even in the shower. Make use of every spare space that you can find to add in bonus shelving.

You can also get large drawers or cabinets installed under your counters or behind your mirror. This keeps everything out of sight and neat without compromising the little space that you have. 

2. Change up Colors 

Did you know that the coloring of your space can make all of the difference?

Maximizing space isn’t just about getting your furniture to fit the right way. Color is deceptive, and it can make your space look smaller or larger depending on what you’re going for. 

It’s a good idea to opt for bright and light colors when you’re re-painting or re-tiling your bathroom. Bright colors make a room look bigger. They reflect light and give the bathroom an airier feel so it doesn’t feel so clustered.

We suggest whites, grays, and light blues for a bathroom that looks bigger than it is. 

3. Lighting Is Everything

Similar to color, lighting makes a big difference when it comes to making the most of your small bathroom. 

There are plenty of reasons why you’d want a lighting upgrade. Some bathrooms weren’t made very well, and the location of the lights doesn’t work. You want a well-lit bathroom if you do your hair or makeup in the morning.

A well-lit space also means that the room will look bigger.

There’s also the matter of how you want your bathroom to look when you’re relaxing. Do you love long soaks in the tub with a good book? We suggest installing some kind of dimmable lights so you’re able to get the cozy bathroom that you want while you still have the option to brighten up the room when you need to. 

bathroom renovation and remodeling

4. Upgrade Your Plumbing 

Sometimes all it takes to make you fall in love with your bathroom all over again is a total plumbing upgrade. Did you know that you don’t have to stick with a boring toilet or sink just because it came with your home? 

There are plenty of unique plumbing options that you can install in your small restroom. While you may not be able to have a huge jet bathtub, you can have plumbing fixtures that suit your style. 

We love it when people choose sinks that suit the character of their homes or toilets with unique appearances or features. 

5. Install a Large Mirror

This is another way to make the most of limited space in a restroom.

You already need a mirror in the bathroom, right? Why not create some more reflective space? Large mirrors give the illusion of a larger room. While we know that the mirror isn’t a window, it tricks the eye into perceiving it with greater depth.

As with the bright paints and lighting options, they also create the appearance of a larger space because of how reflective they are. As light bounces around the room, the room appears larger.

You can do this with one large mirror over the vanity, or you can install multiple mirrors around the room. They’ll have the same effect. 

6. Make Use of Vertical Space

Vertical space is so important in rooms where you have limited space. You can’t take up your floor space with decorations or storage when you still need to be able to move around freely.

Using vertical space is a great solution. 

Put a series of hooks on the walls for things like towels and bathrobes. This clears up room on the shelves for other things and keeps the items at arm’s reach. 

You can put small shelves on the walls to hold decorations or important items that you use every day. You can even make space for hanging plants, makeup cases, or anything else that isn’t a necessity but is still handy to keep in the room. 

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Are These Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas Inspiring You?  

There are so many things that you can do to make the most of your small restroom. These small bathroom renovation ideas are a great place to start.

Remember, you need to focus on storage, light, and reflection if you want to make your bathroom look as large and user-friendly as possible. You’ll be shocked at the amount of space that you free up!

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